Top 20 Town for Small Business

Floresville has been rated the fourth best town to start a small business in the San Antonio area (number 17 in the state), according to a recent analysis by LendEDU.

The Floresville area has an extensive history of profitable business and trade. Today’s pro-business environment, low tax burden, and business-friendly regulations form a perfect foundation to continue the tradition of vibrant economic activity, prosperity, and growth.

No Income Tax

Hassle-Free Permits

Right-to-Work State

Since the Spaniards founded Rancho de Las Cabras in the mid-1700s, the Floresville economy has traditionally been focused on farming and ranching. Over the past couple of decades, the economy of Floresville has become increasingly service- and energy-oriented. Recent economic growth is fueled by close proximity to rapidly growing San Antonio; significant oil and gas discoveries in the region of South Texas known as Eagle Ford Shale; and steady growth of retail businesses serving area residents.
Oil Pump Jack
Oil pump jack
Hotel in Floresville, Texas
Hotel in Floresville


Lower Cost of Living


State for Business


Fortune 500 HQs in Texas

Targeted Industries

Floresville Economic Development Corporation is actively pursuing companies in manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, sustainable/clean technologies, customer service, retail, residential development, and industrial/commercial development.

Bleu Casa Shopping Village
Bleu Casa Shopping Village
Field with Hay Bales near Floresville, Texas
Field with bales of hay near Floresville, Texas

Tax Rates

City of Floresville Income
Texas Income
City of Floresville Sales & Use
Texas Sales & Use
City of Floresville Property
$0.44 per $100 valuation
Floresville ISD Property
$0.91 per $100 valuation
Wilson County Property
$0.41 per $100 valuation

Low Cost of Living

17 percent lower cost of living compared to the national average.

Cost of Living

Education & Workforce

Floresville’s population is educated, skilled, and rapidly growing.

Education & Workforce