Projects approved by the FEDC Board will be matched by a to-be-determined percentage, not to exceed 50 percent, by FEDC for each dollar the applicant spends on a façade/signage project, with maximum of $7,500 per project. A written application and FEDC decision is required before work begins.


It is within the scope of an economic development corporation’s (EDC) body of work to consider requests for financial assistance from a local business for façade or signage improvements to their building or property. This in no way obligates the EDC to such a policy.

The Floresville Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) decided in 2013‐2014 to develop a costsharing policy (matching grant) for façade and/or signage grants to local businesses operating within the city limits of Floresville. A maximum of $30,000.00 was budgeted at that time as an annual line item for this purpose. Projects approved by the FEDC Board were matched by a to‐be‐determined percentage not to exceed a 50% match by the FEDC for each dollar the applicant spent on the project with a maximum (but not guaranteed) match of up to $7,500 per project. A simple policy and application were developed at that time requiring the local business owner to present in person to the Board of Directors the scope and body of work intended, valid estimates of the cost of the project, and a projected timeline for completion prior to the start of the actual project. The Board had sole discretion in the decision as to the awarding of the matching grant and the amount to be awarded.

In recent months, it has become necessary to clarify the policy and the procedure. Therefore, a clarification of the policy will be in effect, upon approval of the FEDC Board of Directors, July 14, 2015.


The FEDC makes available to businesses within the city limits of Floresville an opportunity to apply for a façade and/or signage grant according to criteria established and enforced by its Board of Directors. Highest priority will be given to business façade and/or signage projects that offer the most improved visual effects for the business community.

Funding of this grant program is entirely dependent upon the annual FEDC approved budget and may change from year to year. Currently, the budget for this line item is set at an annual maximum of $30,000.00 with an individual limit of up to but not guaranteed $7,500.00 per approved application and completed project.

Grants will be limited to one per business owner or entity no sooner than every 5 years.

The FEDC Board has sole discretion to determine which projects are approved. FEDC will not consider remodeling costs or expenses not associated with façade and/or signage projects. FEDC will not consider applications for matching grant funding after the project has been started or completed.

Upon completion of the project, if the Board finds the work produced to be less than the project originally indicated or of lesser quality than presented at the in‐person presentation, the Board reserves the right to withdraw its offer to provide the grant match at its sole discretion with no further consideration.

All governmental taxes due on the business property, personal and real property, following the façade and/or signage improvement which may be approved and funded by this matching grant policy are the sole responsibility of the applicant/business owner.

The FEDC prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, familial status or national origin.

Application Process


Businesses located within the city limits of Floresville are eligible for consideration of the matching grant.


A business wishing to apply for a façade and/or signage matching grant may obtain the application from the FEDC website or directly from the FEDC office located at 1120 D Street, Floresville, Texas 78114.

Before the façade and/or signage work is begun, a completed application and all required documentation or attachments must be submitted to the FEDC office. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure delivery of the completed application to the FEDC Executive Director. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. The Executive Director or the FEDC Board reserves the right to request additional information regarding the project at any time prior to the decision to consider funding the matching grant.

The applicant is required to present the proposed façade and/or signage improvement plans and bid estimates in person to the FEDC Board before the work is started.

Amendments or changes to the original plans or scope of work submitted to the FEDC Board after a Board decision has been made may result in 1) revocation or cancellation of the previous Board decision, or 2) the need to submit a new application, or 3) no further action if amendment(s) or change(s) are found to be negligible by the Board. The action to be taken is determined by the majority vote of the FEDC Board.

Required Documentation

The following must be included with the completed application:

  • Photo(s) or drawing(s) of current project
  • Bids from vendors describing estimated cost of project (estimate must have name and address of vendor)

The following must be submitted at the conclusion of the project:

  • Photo(s) of the actual finished project
  • Paid invoices specific to the approved project (invoices must have name and address of vendor)

Board Determination

After the in‐person presentation to the FEDC Board, the Board will determine what action to take. The Executive Director will notify the applicant within 48 hours of the Board’s determination.

The amount the Board agrees to match is subject to submission and receipt of all paid invoices for the work outlined in the application and/or any amendments or changes to the application. Payment is ultimately granted if the Board approves of the final product. If, in the Board’s determination, the work product is less than was expected, the Board may withdraw its offer of the grant match at its sole discretion.

Projects approved by the FEDC Board may be matched by a to‐be‐determined percentage not to exceed a 50% match by FEDC for each dollar the applicant spends on the façade and/or signage project with a maximum match of (but not guaranteed) up to $7,500 per project. This does not imply a guaranteed percentage for any project.

Upon receipt of the paid invoices, and final approval by the FEDC Board, the Executive Director will issue the grant match to the applicant within 15 working days.

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