Cost-Sharing Façade/Signage Grant Policy & Procedure

Updated September 20, 2022


It is within the scope of an economic development corporation’s (EDC) body of work to consider requests assistance from a local business for facade or signage improvements to their building or property. This in no way obligates the EDC to such a policy.

The Floresville Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) developed a cost­ sharing policy (matching grant) for facade and/or signage grants to local businesses operating within the city limits of Floresville. A maximum of $50,000.00 was budgeted as an annual line item for this purpose. Projects approved by the FEDC Board were matched by a to-be-determined percentage not to exceed a 50% match by the FEDC for each dollar the applicant to be spent on the project with a maximum (but not guaranteed) match of up to $7,500. An application was were developed requiring the local business owner to present in person to the Board of Directors the scope and body of work intended, valid estimates of the cost of the project, and a projected timeline for completion prior to the start of the actual project. The Board has sole discretion in the decision as to the awarding of the matching grant and the amount to be awarded.


The FEDC makes available to businesses within the city limits of Floresville an opportunity to apply for a facade and/or signage grant according to criteria established and enforced by its Board of Directors.

  • Funding of this grant program is entirely dependent upon the annual FEDC approved budget and may change from year to year.
  • Grants will be limited to one per business owner or entity no sooner than every 5 years.
  • The FEDC Board has sole discretion to determine which projects are approved.
  • FEDC will not consider remodeling costs or expenses not associated with facade and/or signage projects. 

FEDC will not approve applications for matching grant funding before consideration and approval by the FEDC BOD.

Upon completion of the project, if the Board finds the work produced to be less than the project originally indicated or of lesser quality than presented at the in-person presentation, the Board reserves the right to withdraw its offer to provide the grant match at its sole discretion.

All governmental taxes due on the business property, personal and real property, following the facade and/or signage improvement which may be approved and funded by this matching grant policy are the sole responsibility of the applicant/business owner.

A performance agreement between the FEDC and a business must:

(1) Provide, at a minimum, for a schedule of additional payroll or jobs to be created or retained and capital investment to be made as consideration for any direct incentives provided or expenditures made by the corporation under the agreement; and

(2) Specify the terms under which repayment must be made if the business enterprise does not meet the performance requirements specified in the agreement.

The FEDC prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, familial status or national origin.

Application Process 


Businesses located within the city limits of Floresville are eligible for consideration of the matching grant.


The following definitions shall apply to the terms used in this Policy:

Applicant: the Property owner or business occupant signing the Application for a Facade and Signage Improvement Grant.

BOD: Board of Directors

Construction Costs: the cost of permits, fees, construction materials, and installation labor. All other associated costs are deemed excluded, including, but not exclusively, the following costs: design, construction document preparation, bidding, sweat equity and construction financing.

Eligible Enhancements:  the improvements identified as eligible in Section C herein.

Facade: the portion of the building parallel to the primary right-of-way as determined by the Floresville Economic Development Corporation.

FEDC: the Floresville Economic Development Corporation.

FSIP: The Facade and Signage Improvement Program.

Notice to Proceed: a written notice from the Floresville Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors authorizing the Applicant to begin construction as approved by the FEDC BOD.

Property: the physical lot and/or building to which improvements are being made.

Staff: the FEDC Director or their designee(s).


The following criteria must be met for participation in FSIP:

  1. Applicants must be commercial property owners or commercial tenants located within the city limits of the City of Floresville;
  2. Tenants must have written approval from property owners to participate in program;
  3. Nonconforming signage on property, if applicable, must be permanently removed as part of the improvement’
  4. Applicants must be up to date on all municipal taxes prior to participation in the program;
  5. Applicants must not have any City liens filed against any property owned by Applicant, including but not limited to, weed liens, demolition liens, board-up/open structure liens and paying liens;
  6. Applicants must comply with all State and local laws and regulations pertaining to licensing, permits, building code and zoning requirements;
  7. Understanding that the overall objective of the FSIP is to improve the exterior, visibility and presentation of a property; the FEDC has the discretion to decline an application while suggesting enhancements that would enable future acceptance;
  8. Ineligible businesses: non-profits, government offices, residences, home businesses, and sexually-oriented businesses.


Improvements to be funded by the program must be compatible with the character and architecture of the individual building as well as meet City standards with regards to latest construction and design trends. Buildings with significant architectural and historical qualities are strongly encouraged to restore and maintain these features. Improvements for buildings not having such architectural features should still be carefully considered and be seen as an opportunity to substantially enhance the appearance of the buildings and their streetscapes.

1. Eligible Facade/Signage Improvements:

a. Restoration of details in historically contributing or significant buildings, and removal of elements which cover architectural details;

b. Visually appealing and appropriate City-approved signage, including monument signage, pole signage, electronic message boards and other signage as specified in the City’s codes;

c. Lighting which is visually appealing and appropriately illuminates signage, storefront window displays, and recessed areas of a building Facade;

d. Awnings or canopies which can be both functional and visually appealing;

e. Cleaning, repainting or residing of building; and

f. Window boxes.

2. Ineligible Improvements/Expenses:

a. exterior improvements located on the rear of buildings;

b. interior improvements;

c. outdoor dining/seating;

d. playground or recreational equipment;

e. structural changes;

f. burglar bars;

g. security/alarm system;

h. “Sweat equity”;

i. new commercial construction;

j. benches/porch swings;

k. umbrellas;

l. gazebos;

m. trellises;

n. permitting fees;

o. architectural, survey or other professional fees;

p. asbestos testing, removal, abatement, or remediation; or

q. improvements for which insurance monies are received.

3. Prior Improvements

Any permits, alterations, or improvements pertaining or relating to the FSIP application made prior to receiving a “Notice to Proceed” are not eligible for reimbursement.

4. Alterations

Applicant must agree not to change or alter the improved Facade without prior written approval from the FEDC for three (3) years from the date of grant payment.


All prospective applicants must follow the procedures in the order outlined below.

  1. Applicant meets with Economic Development Director for initial project discussions and files an application.
  2. Applicant’s prepares final design drawings and submits them to Staff for review and approval.
  3. Proposed project will be presented to the Director for review followed by review by the FEDC BOD.
  4. The proposed project will then be presented to the FEDC BOD for final review.
  5. Staff will send applicant a Performance Agreement for their review and execution.
  6. Staff sends applicant a “Notice to Proceed”. Any work completed prior to receiving the “Notice to Proceed” will not be reimbursed.
  7. Applicant has sixty (60) days from the date the Notice to Proceed and the Performance Agreement is executed is sent to begin implementation of approved improvements.
  8. Contractor constructs project improvements as specified in the final design. Any changes to the approved plan must be approved by the FEDC BOD.
  9. Applicant notifies Staff once project is completed.
  10. Staff certifies the improvements comply with the final drawings and specifications.
  11. Applicant must submit copies of all paid invoices to the Economic Development Director for approval by the FEDC BOD.

The FEDC reserves the right to make adjustments regarding conditions and parameters outlined in these guidelines.


A business wishing to apply for a facade and/or signage matching grant may obtain the application from the FEDC website or directly from the FEDC office located at 1120 D Street, Floresville, Texas 78114.

Before the facade and/or signage work is begun, a completed application and all required documentation or attachments must be submitted to the FEDC office. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure delivery of the completed application to the FEDC Executive Director or designee. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

The Executive Director or the FEDC Board reserves the right to request additional information regarding the project at any time prior to the decision to consider funding the matching grant.

The applicant is required to present the proposed facade and/or signage improvement plans and bid estimates in person to the FEDC Board before the work is started.

Amendments or changes to the original plans or scope of work submitted to the FEDC Board after a Board decision has been made may result in 1) revocation or cancellation of the previous Board decision, or 2) the need to submit a new updated application.   The action to be taken is determined by the majority vote of the FEDC Board.


The following must be included with the completed application:

  • Photo(s) or drawing(s) of current and proposed project.
  • Bids from vendors describing estimated cost of project (estimate must have name and address of vendor).
  • Copies of any required permits.

The following must be submitted at the conclusion of the project:

  • Photo(s) of the actual finished project.
  • Paid invoices specific to the approved project (invoices must have name and address of vendor).


After the in-person presentation to the FEDC Board, the Board will determine what action to take.

Payment is ultimately granted if the Board approves the final product. If, in the Board’s determination, the work product is less than was expected, the Board may withdraw or reduce its offer of the grant match at its sole discretion.

Projects approved by the FEDC Board may be matched by a to-be-determined percentage not to exceed a 50% match by FEDC for each dollar the applicant spends on the facade and/or signage project with a maximum match of (but not guaranteed) up to $7,500. This does not imply a guaranteed percentage for any project.

Upon receipt of the paid invoices, and final approval by the FEDC Board, the Executive Director will issue the grant match to the applicant within 15 working days.


The City of Floresville Economic Development Corporation has the right to terminate any agreement under the FSIP if a participant is found to be in violation of any conditions set forth in these guidelines or if the project has been started prior to an executed Facade and Improvement Program Agreement with the City of Floresville and the receipt of a Notice to Proceed.

Façade/Signage Improvement Program Application

Please print and return completed application with necessary attachments and signature to Floresville Economic Development Corporation, 1120 D Street, Floresville, TX 78114. If you have any application questions, please contact the Executive Director at (830) 393-3965.

Façade/Signage Improvement Program Application


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